I have been a documentary photographer for nearly 50 years. I was a commercial photographer and filmmaker in NYC in the 1960s working for major agencies and the BBC. I returned to NH in the 1970s.

I have had the good fortune to photograph in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America as well as the US. My work has been exhibited in galleries around the US and appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Virginia Quarterly Review, South Loop, Hanging Loose, Graphis design, and Corvette Fever to mention a few.


I suppose everyone has a motivating element that gets them headed off in a particular direction. In my case, as an art student in the 1960’s, the recognition of photography as a legitimate art form had finally taken hold and was being taught in most universities and art schools. I had the good fortune to study with Harry Callhan at RISD and so got a fundamental grounding in both the technical and structural elements of image making.

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Studied with Harry Callahan; Rhode Island School of Design; 1961-62
University of New Hampshire; BA Art; 1964
Employed by major publications and agencies in New York, New Hampshire, Japan, and London, England.

Group and individual shows from 1985 – 2017 as well as private collections.

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